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Meet Courtney

Owner and lead photographer


With a deeply personal connection to sports, I learned what it means to work with people towards a common goal and turn a vision into reality. From my own experience as an athlete, I became someone who is passionate, detail-oriented, and insightful. And I approach each day with the same vigor and heart I had when I was playing ball.

The best lesson I learned from sports, and one that I take into my work as a photographer, is the ability to work with people from various backgrounds, and the importance of being loyal to everyone on your team.

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We believe great design is personal.

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- Chris P.

I cannot wait for my baby to get older so we can show her how HAPPY, GLOWING, and HONORED her mother was to be her vessel of life

— Michelle I.

Your amazing photographs have helped redefine how I look back on the changes my body made during this time as beautiful and timeless

— Alexandra W.

My photographs are a WORK OF ART and couldn't be more perfect

— Shana

Never in a million years have I looked so BEAUTIFUL and so STRONG

Our beautiful new portrait studio is perfectly located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The warm and inviting space offers personalized attention and comfort tailored to each individual client. 

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